Forecasting the Risks of Pollution from Ships along the Portuguese Coast.
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts 15, 6592

Avaliação numérica da ação do fogo em coberturas de madeira com cavidades e perfurações.
EMM Fonseca, L Barreira, JM Meireles, PAG Piloto - 2013 -
... António José Moura Correia (IPC), António Rui A. Figueiredo (UC), Carlos Ferreira de Castro (Action Modulers Lda), Cristina Calmeiro dos Santos (IPCB), Domingos Xavier Viegas (UC), Elza Maria Morais Fonseca (IPB), João Carlos Viegas (LNEC), João Lopes Porto (FEUP) ...

Three-dimensional model for analysis of spatial and temporal patterns of phytoplankton in Tucuruí reservoir, Pará, Brazil.
R Deus, D BRITO, IA Kenov, M Lima, V Costa… - Ecological …, 2013 - Elsevier
Management and operation of reservoirs require knowledge of cause–effect relationships which influence water quality. In this work, spatial and temporal patterns of phytoplankton in the Tucuruí reservoir, Pará State, Brazil, were studied by following a computer modeling ...

A watershed model to integrate EO data.
P Chambel-Leitao, A Carina, D BRITO… - EGU General …, 2013 -
Abstract MOHID LAND is a open source watershed model developed by MARETEC and is part of the MOHID Framework. It integrates four mediums (or compartments): porous media, surface, rivers and atmosphere. The movement of water between these mediums are ...

Implementação de sistemas de alerta e previsão para a qualidade das águas balneares com base em ferramentas de modelação e monitorização automática.
C Viegas, R FERNANDES, E Jauch… - 8. º Congresso …, 2013 -
Resumo Com base em ferramentas de modelação e de monitorização ambiental foi implementado um sistema de alerta e previsão da qualidade das águas balneares de Carcavelos, Torre e Santo Amaro de Oeiras (Portugal). Este sistema de alerta e previsão, ...

Forecasting the Risks of Pollution from Ships along the Portuguese Coast.
R FERNANDES, R Neves, F Lourenço… - EGU General …, 2013 -
Abstract Pollution risks in coastal and marine environments are in general based in a static approach, considering historical data, reference situations, and typical scenarios. This approach is quite important in a planning stage. However, an alternative approach can be ...

Water residence time and potential distribution of heavy metals in the Cherbourg Harbour (France).
IA Kenov, R FERNANDES, R Deus, CN Alves, R Neves -
Abstract The EU Water Framework Directive (EU WFD) delegates EU state members for ecological and chemical status assessment. Residence time of water is an important parameter used for understanding for how long a pollutant will remain inside a water body ...

Integration of an Oil and Inert Spill Model in a Framework for Risk Management of Spills at Sea–A Case Study for the Atlantic Area.
R FERNANDES, R Neves, C Viegas… - 36th AMOP Technical …, 2013 -
Abstract The integration of multiple information layers from different regions in a common framework is particularly relevant when dealing with interregional and transnational pollution problems, very common in the Atlantic area. An integrated framework for the ...