Simulação da dinâmica da água em dois solos regados.
L Barão, PC Leitão, F BRAUNSCHWEIG, RJ Neves, MC Gonçalves, ...
Revista de Ciências Agrárias 33 (1), 346-357

Assessment of suspended matter transport in a large agricultural catchment using the MOHID water modelling system.
D BRITO, O Chantha, R Neves… - EGU General …, 2010 -
Abstract Suspended sediment transport from agricultural catchments to stream networks is responsible for impaired water quality, reservoir sedimentation and the transport of sediment- bound pollutants (pesticides, particulate nutrients, metals and other adsorbed toxic ...

Downscaling a large-scale ocean-basin model: An intercomparison exercise in the Bay of Biscay.
G Riflet, G Reffray, R FERNANDES, P Chambel… - … on Computational Fluid …, 2010 -
Abstract. To provide good open boundary conditions to local numerical models, a nesting approach is often undertaken in which the local model is nested into a coastal model, which in turn is nested into an ocean basin model. MOHID is known to be an estuarine model [4, ...