Modelling the influence of nutrient loads on Portuguese estuaries.
S Saraiva, P Pina, F Martins, M Santos, F BRAUNSCHWEIG, R Neves
Hydrobiologia 587 (1), 5-18

Integration of MOHID model and tools with SWAT model.
P Chambel-Leitão, F BRAUNSCHWEIG, L FERNANDES, R Neves, P Galvão
4th International SWAT Conference Delfi, The Netherlands

Integrated Water Management.
R Neves, JS Matos, L FERNANDES
A Portrait of State-of-the-Art Research at the Technical University of Lisbon, 2007 - Springer
Abstract In this paper, an overview on the development and application of state of the art integrated water modelling tools to study water pollution, either from urban or agricultural origin, from source to final destination, and also of the research carried out at IST in the ...

Assessing the quality of a pre-operational model for the portuguese coast.
G Riflet, PC Leitão, R FERNANDES
Geophysical Research …, 2007 -
The application is run weekly and provides 5 day forecast for the three-dimensional hydrodynamic circulation off the coast of Portugal. Results since November 2006 are available at served by an Opendap server and a Live Access ...

A simple pre-operational model for the portuguese coast.
G Riflet, PC Leitao, R FERNANDES
Abstract. A three-level nested, pre-operational model of the portuguese coastal circulation is implemented with MOHID [1]. The Mercator large-scale operational North-Atlantic ocean model [2] provides initial and one-way open boundary conditions, while the MM5 ...

Comparative Study of Eolic Power Forecasts for TSO.
AR TRANCOSO, JD Domingos, P Torres
IV Reunião Anual da Rede Ibérica …