Mohid Studio


Modelação Hidrodinâmica

This figure shows the flow intensity (color scale) and flow directions (black arrows) at a given instant in the Douala Estuary. Results were obtained in the context of a study to assess maximum flow velocities at a bridge construction site. MOHID Studio was used configure, run and explorer a MOHID Water model with three nested levels.

Hydrodynamic Modelling

Delimitação de Bacias Hidrográficas

This figure shows a watershed delineation of the River Save. The outlet was placed at the Zimbabwean’s Mozambican’s border. Elevation data (obtained from the ETOPO global data) is represented by the color gradient and streams derived from the DEM are represented in blue. Entire processing of all data has been done inside MOHID Studio, including: data download of the ETOPO data, grid generation, depression removal and watershed delineation. As background a Google Maps layer was added.

Watershed Delineation

Interpolação da Chuva

This figure shows the rainfall intensity at a given instant (color scale) over a small catchment (black lines shows the boundary) which drain to the Roxo reservoir (blue shape) in Southern Portugal. Rainfall data was obtained from the Portuguese network of monitoring stations (yellow markers) and spatially interpolated using the IWD algorithm. All processing has been done inside MOHID Studio. The final dataset can be used to feed as boundary condition for MOHID Land.

Rain Interpolation

Utilizadores Activos do MOHID Studio

This figure shows the active MOHD Studio User worldwide in December 2013. An ESRI Shapefile has been created from MOHID Studio’s user database. Visualization was done in MOHID Studio (where else), using a classified color scale.

Active MOHID Studio User